Shades of Darkness


A young man from London travels to the wilderness of Africa to seek closure after the death of his Father; but the deeper he ventures into Africa’s heart of darkness, the further he finds himself entangled in a web of deceit, murder and Muti… the trade in human body parts.
“This is Africa!”


Shades of Darkness is a unique and original movie that spans the dynamic and spectacular settings of the Salt Pans and the dramatic Skeleton Coast of Namibia. From disparate beginnings in Namibia, Zimbabwe and London, three different stories slowly intermingle as circumstances draw them together in a deathly trilogy of deception, murder and “muti” (the practise of using human body parts in traditional African medicine). Follow us into the darkness and witness a sinister and atmospheric struggle, as one man’s sadness mixes with another’s vengefulness in a cauldron of desire, trauma, deception and devotion. Throughout this rite-of-passage, suspense-filled drama, you will be wondering just who will make it out of the murky triptych alive. This dark and moving screenplay is a roller-coaster of emotion you won’t be able to forget. Once you stumble into the Shades of Darkness, the light will never feel quite the same again….