A Gypsy couple, Girondo and Lola, arrive at night on a remote estate in New Jersey, with a large manor house, called Foreverland. Next morning, Girondo goes to the big house to offer his ‘services’ in return for being allowed to camp on the estate for a while.

The couple who live on the estate, Redfield and Rachel Rolle-Hampole, are American ‘aristocrats’, in the sense that are descended from Network TV, Hollywood and Wall Street parents.

Redfield and Rachel are frustrated and arguing, before Girondo arrives, and we find out that they have only ten months left before they get evicted from the estate by the owner – a sinister man called The Godfather, because they were given 5 years to produce a male ‘heir’ for The Godfather and they have failed to do this in 4 years and 2 months.

When Girondo arrives, he is met with hostility from Redfield, but he tells his story and Rachel sees his ‘potential’. She plies him with champagne, while Redfield slopes off to seduce Lola, who Girondo has left on a remote part of the estate.


Girondo embarks on a clandestine affair with Rachel and Redfield does the same with Lola. As they sneak about the estate at night, to keep their secret rendezvous, they narrowly miss each other and sometimes even collide and try to make excuses for their activities.

A private detective called Laurence Menendéz arrives on the estate and we find out that The Godfather’s name is Thomas Shelbourne, who was raised in a New York orphanage. His mother didn’t know who his father was and chose the name Shelbourne from a telephone directory. When Thomas grew up, he traced the surname back to the Revolutionary War and found out that King George III made the man he thinks is his ancestor (an anglo-American carpenter) King of America, in an attempt to avoid the revolution. However, the rich aristocrats in the colonies wouldn’t accept a carpenter as king and Thomas now feels he’s been cheated of his birthright.

Thomas works as a chauffeur for two families, both of which he considers to be ‘aristocratic’. He has two affairs with the ladies of those families which result in two children being born – a boy and a girl. Thomas grows rich himself through illegal means and becomes a very powerful, sinister man. He ruins the families he used to work for, by way of revenge for what the earlier aristocrats did to his ‘ancestor’.

Thomas cheated one of the families out of Foreverland, in a crooked game of blackjack and Laurence Menendéz was hired to put things right. He was shot during a run-in with The Godfather and has only now recovered enough to do the job he was hired for.

In the meantime, Rachel and Lola have both fallen pregnant. Girondo knows he’s the father of Rachel’s baby, but he can’t figure out how Lola got pregnant. The same goes for Redfield, only the other way round.

A backpacker called Mirabeau Molke arrives on the estate. He’s the son of a personal secretary who used to work for one of the ‘aristocratic’ families ruined by The Godfather. He remembers a young girl called Rachel, who he used to play with when he was little. It transpires that Redfield and Rachel are, in fact, the two children produced by The Godfather and he’s brought them together to produce an ‘heir’ to his fortune. He reckons the child will have his genes from both sides and he’s not worried by the closeness of the parents’ blood.

The truth has to come out, that the baby Rachel is carrying is not Redfield’s, but Girondo’s. The Godfather doesn’t know this and he’s advised by his ‘doctor’ that there could be complications with the birth of his ‘heir’ due to Rachel and Redfield being so closely related. He kidnaps Rachel, so he can have the baby delivered artificially by his ‘doctors’.


Lola goes into labour. Both Redfield and Girondo travel to the hospital with her. Once there, only the father is allowed to be with her during the birth. Redfield stays, while she has a baby boy. Girondo wanders about the hospital. He strays into a private wing and finds Rachel having her baby there. He stays with her – she also has a baby boy. Girondo smuggles Rachel out of the hospital and takes her back to Foreverland.

Back on the estate, it works out that the two baby boys are identical twins. Completely by accident, they get dressed in the same clothes and nobody can tell them apart. The Godfather arrives to take his ‘heir’ away with him and is confronted with the two babies. He doesn’t know what to do – which one is his genetic ‘heir’?
The couples ask him which one he wants to take. He can’t decide, he is enraged, knowing his plans have backfired. He threatens to have them all evicted, but Laurence Menendéz has a copy of the contract between himself and the Rolle-Hampoles, and although this states that Redfield and Rachel must have a son, it doesn’t say that they have to have a son with each other. Redfield’s had a son and Rachel’s had a son, so the contract’s been honoured.

The Godfather has to concede defeat and both boys inherit Foreverland, with their parents being legal executors until their coming of age.