“John McDonald has woven a brilliant narrative that combines anecdote and ‘how to’ with great skill and verve” – Literary Review


“John McDonald has done a masterly job, brilliantly capturing a tone of voice that is at once threatening and droll, comical and surly, belligerent and rustic” – Mail on Sunday


“McDonald has created a work of important social history” – Sunday Times


“The unique voices in the memoir magically evoke a disappearing England” – Daily Mail


“A vivid memoir, co-written by the brilliant John McDonald … a raw and vivid picture of ‘this bear-baiting bastard of a world'” – The Times


“McDonald brings a scandalous charm … as rare as hen’s teeth” – The Guardian

The Last English Poachers


“McDonald has a distinctive and beguiling way with words …” – Books Ireland


“…gritty…hard-hitting…cutting edge…” – The Writer’s News


“McDonald’s writing is top class and makes putting down his book to get on with life an irritating activity”. – The Irish Post



“Strong drama in London…vivid, sympathetic characters…well-set scenes…a kind of passive menace” – Soho Theatre


“McDonald’s [work] concisely explores various crises of conscience, while revealing the impenetrable barrier between those powerless to the point of desperation and those too blinkered by privilege to comprehend. A searing antidote to recent bland offerings” – Time Out


“…interesting and fascinating…” – Yves Bureau, Rue Blanche

Otherwise Kill Me

Stage Play/Novel

“[his] intense prose is refreshing…it’s hard contemporary pace satisfies. A compelling if not unnerving novel…” – The Irish Post


“…second book from the hugely talented John F McDonald…McDonald makes powerful use of the unspoken…the complete objectivity of his writing has the effect of changing the moral basis for decisions regarding right and wrong” – The Leinster Express


“The author writes with blood-flecked intensity and narrative talent” – The Mayo News


“Talking to God is probably as authentic an insight into mental illness as we’re likely to get from an author who appears to be reasonably sane” – Books Ireland

Talking to God


“McDonald deserves an award” – comicbits online

For combined adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays to graphic novel format:

IPPY Awards (Independent Publishers Book Award) given for Henry V; Macbeth; The Tempest


AEP  (AEP = Association of Educational Publishers) Distinguished Achievement Award for Romeo and Juliet


Shakespeare Plays

Graphic Novels, Classical Comics

“[the] impressive triangular relationship is sensitively explored…there is no stereotyping of attitudes and abrupt changes in emotions ring true” – Royal Court

The January Man

Stage Play

“McDonald is an explorer of courage and a writer of immense talent” – The Irish Times


“McDonald’s prose is rich and thick and magically poetic…” – The Sunday Independent


“McDonald’s insight allows the reader into a different world and is notable as much for its language as for its examination of things past, and things to come” – The Belfast Telegraph


“…the language is distinct and attractive…McDonald is comparable to Chuck Palahniuk, Anthony Burgess and even William Trevor…reading him is like going out for a drink with a stranger in a foreign country”– Publisher’s Weekly


“John F McDonald gives readers the greatest compliment, by trusting them to have intelligence and wit. His writing is full of energy, dramatic tension and humour – just like the author himself. I wonder if the patrons of his local pub know that there’s a genius beside them at the bar” – Pat Walsh – US Author, Editor and Critic



“Spirited, vivid, convincing, imaginative and poetic” – St. Petersburg Times