The Girl Who Made Me Dance, December 2019

A woman’s journey to find meaning purpose, truth and freedom.

John worked with Gill Prates to help her tell her tale for Gatecrasher Books.

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Gabby Pereira, a well-established London professional, discovers she only has two years left to live, and decides to go on a voyage of self-discovery. This takes her on an exhilarating journey through Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Each location answers questions about her past, family secrets and her own undefined identity.

Mia, a free spirit and a psychologist, offers Gabby a new lease of life and teaches her to dance. The women plunge into a tempestuous and dangerous affair and Gabby becomes obsessed by Mia.

Explosive scenes of passion, desire, deception, hedonism, suffering, fear, pilgrimage and atonement create a riveting and provocative tale that touches upon some of the wounds that permeate our society: ethnicity, gender disparity, sexuality, and emotional and physical addiction. Each character’s journey, along with elements of magic realism, will absorb your thoughts and emotions to the last page.

Survivor, July 2019

Survivor: From childhood abuse to a life of crime and prostitution

John worked with Tara O’Shaughnessey to help her tell her tale for Ebury Press.

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No Way Out, July 2018
No Way Out: My terrifying story of abuse at the hands of a vile sex ring

Kate Elysia was the victim of a sex ring in the West Midlands who struggled for many years with PTSD, drug abuse and other after-effects of her grooming. She was recruited by Operation Chalice, and after a long battle saw many of her abusers behind bars. Kate is now free from drugs, and is a qualified mental health nurse. John has helped her tell her tale for Ebury Press.

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Hippie at LakeFest, August 2016
John worked with Lee Martin to produce the hypnotic metaphysical pseudo-biography in time for the fantastic music festival, Lakefest, at Eastnor Castle in August.


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Street Girl Launched – 9 June 2016
Rozana McGrattan spoke of her work with John to produce the harrowing tale of her life. Launched on Thursday 9 June 2016 at the Brazilian Embassy. See video.

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